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Speaking in the world channel makes you popular! Attack - press the character and drag back to aim and attack the target. Up or down to adjust the angle. Beat the enemy and overthrow his rule. Heaven drops treasure chest? There is a powerful weapon inside, so use them quickly! The character will move towards the place you press. Attack continuously with the combo bombs.
Hint: next i will teach you some basic operations, i hope you can quickly grow into a good adventurer! Go challenge the dungeon! Tap to enter single match and choose the stage. Victory? Claim rewards of this complete quests. The first to-up bonus reward! Please have a try! Don't let go when you see the treasure chest.
Tips: Long press the screen to stay away from the enemy and be careful to accidentally hurt yourself. Basic operations are almost taught, other things need to be explored by yourself, then let's go deep sea adventure. Forge - equipment forging can greatly enhance combat effectiveness and challenge Boss without pressure.

Blast Heroes Fantasy Storm

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