Characters Tier list - Blast Heroes Fantasy Storm (abilities, tokens).

Power bomb - damage is very powerful and can give the enemy a critical strike.
Anger - increase a lot of anger after use.
A nuclear bomb - nuke damage range is very powerful, can give the range of the enemy all the damage.
Combo - x3, each deals 42% damage.
Exchanged bomb - exchange the position between you and your target.
Healing - dealing 85% of damage to enemies within range, healing allies' health within range equals to 85% of damage.
Blast - kicks enemies up, dealing 104% damage.
Trace - launch 3 tracer bombs, dealing 49% DMG.
Poison - deals 54% AD, poisoning enemies with dealing damage equals to 8% ATK, consuming 6 action points.
Bind - enemies can't move, dealing 96% damage, consuming 7 action points.
Blast Heroes Fantasy Storm

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Author: Solarios