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Game story: the light brought by the woman surrounded the Holy Grail and there it was. Destroyed. Just as when we believed it was all over, another calamity smirked upon us. The shards of the broken Holy Grail still had its powers. Some shards were scattered beyond the dimension to your world. Humans spoiled with power doomed themselves in chaos in search for greater power. What remains is the suffering of our beloved ones. Eventually we will reach the end of the era.
Our desperation led us through the dimension rift to find the one who’d put an end to the calamity. She will soon appear before you.

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Unlike in the past, the evil Black dragon tried to open the underworld gate right here in this dimension. We’ve stopped him, but the holy grail has been destroyed, and its shards have been scattered across the world. It will infect the world with its evil powers. So we are the ones who can solve this case, and those who have the power of the dragon. You found dragon blood flowing. Get back the holy grail with us!
Game mechanic: If the hero and the enhancer share the same attribute, the hero will gain extra bonus. Select materials to fill the enhancement gauge, tap the enhance button to proceed. When you evolve a hero, the character will gain another star.

Chaos Heroes Three Kingdoms cheats, hack codes

In order to evolve hero, the hero must have maximum level and enhancement level and the two heroes merging must be of the same grades. And, of course, evolved heroes will have their levels and enhancement levels reset. Have you upgraded your skills yet? You’ll find them much stronger. Enhancers and other materials can be exchanged with higher quality materials with special crafting. You can receive gems every day with PvP. The higher you climb up the rank, the better gems.
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Game content: Mission - start campaign! Beginning of the long journey with the heroes. Day dungeon - receive various evolution materials every day. Even dungeon - receive event items and rewards. Elite dungeon - retrieve the legendary items from the powerful enemies. Event conquest - fight with different conditions for each event. Join a clan to receive various rewards and buffs. Each content requires different warlord levels to unlock.

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