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    Hacked Hungry Monsters android, ios

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    Hungry Monsters android, ios hack codes

    Slide the rocker to move. You can change the rocker in the settings. Move the monster to the circle. There are three kinds of food on the map. Eat the food to evolve your monster. After evolving, monster's body will change. Though the speed will be slower, the visual range will be wider. Buff items can add buff on yourself. Use the buff items tactically to hunt or escape. Use the items strategically to change danger into safety.

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    Welcome game Hungry Monsters! Attack items can add debuff on your opponent. Use the attack items to defeat your opponent. Eat – the halo around the feet shows your enemies' level: white – same level, red – may be eaten, green – eat them. Click on characte to inspect or switch.

    Secrets cheat gameplay android codes: guzzmon – resist frost – reduce the slow effect when struck by frozen. Elmo – shield boost – when shield is used, invincibility is extended. Zweilous – resist stun – there is a probability to resist Paralysis when stuck by stun. Smilodon – resist shock – there is a probability to resist paralysis when struck by shock.

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