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    Official site Food Fantasy cheat world: welcome to Tierra! The food souls cannot wait to meet you! Awesome events await you as you begin your journey! Don’t worry, the adorable Rice will guide you through the world of Tierra! Complete all missions to obtain soul - Foie gras unlocking the entire event will require 7 days. Unlock a new set of missions daily. Complete these missions within 20 days of creating your account to obtain soul.


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    Long, long ago, the gods sunk into a deep sleep. As a result, everything was peaceful. But peace would not last as evil began to rise. Fallen Angels - monsters which consume all living creatures, descended upon this once happy world. Years later, we continue to fight for our destiny, facing the abyss alongside our companions, the Food souls.

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    I’ve been waiting for you for ages! As i recall, your dream is to run a restaurant and make your fortune, and it just so happens that this restaurant needs a new owner! Just fill in your information on this contract, and it will be yours. On this day, a youth named obtained their permit to operate their dream restaurant and embark on a new career. The next step is to open for business. What type of cuisine will you choose? There are three cuisine types to choose from, so choose carefully.
    Food Fantasy gift box
    Gloriville - revolves around meat, deep frying and stewing. Sakurajima - uses simple techniques and exquisite knife work to preserve the original flavor. Light kingdom - has many different cooking techniques; stir fry and steam are the most well known.
    Instructions: food souls can help manage your restaurant. Please assign jobs to use them. Souls will behave differently when faced with different duties. Using crystals will complete the dish immediately. Earn gold from quests. Satisfy them to increase the restaurant’s popularity.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you’ll also need to improve your recipes through research. Repeatedly make a recipe to enhance the recipe. Add some seasoning for unexpected results. Battle - rapidly tap the ice to free your food souls. Pick a weak point before the timer ends for a chance to interrupt the Boss’ ultimate. Use your fingers to tap them away asap. Characters status bar: the green bar is HP, the yellow is energy. Captains start with half energy. Energy will fill up during battle. When the energy bar is full, skills can be cast.

    Food Fantasy tutorial (wiki): Skills can be automatically cast or manually cast by tapping the lower right corner. Speed up the battle by tapping fast forward button. The soul was instantly rejuvenated - in some cases, timing the spell can be especially important. Sometimes, by using just one ingredient, you can develop a delicious recipe. Mission panel - the mission list is displayed on the left. Description, objectives, and rewards are on the right.Tap accept mission for objectives.

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