Blood brothers BB2 cheats
  • Free Blood brothers 2 (BB2) hacks, cheats, code on gold, blood sigil, commanders, pacts. Letter free cheats on game Blood brothers 2 (BB2) 2015.

    Blood brothers 2 (BB2): cheats, hack ( blood sigil, commanders, pacts)

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    Capture, recruit, and train new commanders during you epic journey in story mode. Battle other players in the arena and prove you army is the strongest! Gain ranks and rewards as you climb the leaderboard.

    • pHxlxHN2VN - cheats Blood brothers 2 (BB2): 10000 gold;
    • cRLJWBo6Di - 1000 xp;
    • REyRafyLsM - level up;
    • X98910qZCk - hacks captured rare commanders. Every time you capture an opponent, you have a chance to persuade them to join your team. Capture them again for anonther chance if you fail.;
    • w3oQ62gSTV - racruit rate 100%;

      cheats, hacks for Blood brothers 2 (BB2)

      • p7rGSrOrtZ - launch celebration pact. Pacts are available to summon commanders from another dimension. Pacts summon new commanders for your army. Pacts can also summon enemy commanders that would normally be unable to join your team.;
      • udgNebdFkU - cheats: blood pact (premium)
      • 7pMRkLdOpX - rare and above guaranteed commanders;

      • IKcvEDQp6F - 100 a new blood pact every day will unlock;
      • I3z66OuaWG - the party's DEF is increased by 100%;
      • M3y3o4US0o - heal all your party everyturn;
      • K0y4sOkEjy - hacks Blood brothers 2 (BB2): 1000 arena rank ups;
      • AtdsiaPdFy - poison the enemy party;
      • 7pMrGdXnRx - 1deal heavy damage to all enemies;
      • UWYx1mAkN9 - unlock a limited-edition commander;
      • xmcz2IGj5n - 100 gift box;

        cheats Blood brothers 2 (BB2): blood sigils:
      • srwVNETmMK - pile;
      • 6KfWkJ3BQZ - satchel;
      • wa8kHRMnHC - sigil stash;
      • JFkZlcsq66 - chest;
      • 05Iym2InB4 - sigil crate;

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