hacking Wizards and Wagons
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    Hacked Wizards and Wagons android, ios

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    Wizards and Wagons android, ios hack codes

    You have defeated the demon lord. You were hailed as the greatest hero of the realm. You expected a life of flame and luxury to follow. Alas, riches don't last for an unemployed hero.

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    Welcome game Wizards and Wagons! Hey, aren't you that legendary Hero who slain the demon lord? Is it true you gone broke and even had to sell your home? Well, I have a wagon I don't need perhaps you can load it up with apples and go sell them in the next town. Our apples fetch quite a good price in Giam peaks, just head over to the marketplace to get some. Good luck making enough to buy back your home.
    The roads are dangerous, but there's quite a profit in trading between towns. There are bandits around these parts, and I can't allow you to head further south unarmed. Take weapons and place them in any blue inventory slot to equip them before you leave town.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Wizards and Wagons android bug codes: store of the game – you can get weapons and heroes in it. Weapon store – you can select any weapon to fight. Hero store – select any hero to fight. Apples – men sacrifice life and limb to harvest. Apples from vicious treants that reside deep within the dark forests. Drag goods from the merchant onto your wagon. Drag goods outside your wagon to sell them.

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