hacking Iron Legions
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    Hacked Iron Legions android, ios

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    Iron Legions android, ios hack codes

    The systems ordinance league deployed their greatest fleet to the Verdas sector in order to reclaim its lost territory and reunite humanity once again. Upon their arrival, the fractured local factions were taken by surprise and were quickly overrun by the unstoppable SOL onslaught. In retaliation, the various fractured factions united together to survive against the SOL invasion. With the backing of the corporations and the militaristic factions, the Aegis alliance was soon formed. Meanwhile attention shifts towards the planet Arius as both faction struggle to gain control of the planet's rare resources.

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    Welcome game Iron Legions! The Aegis has deployed their finest generals to retake the planet and secure the planet's valuable Cogentum mines, for the victor shall change the tide of the war.
    Our landing forces were intercepted and our ship got shot down. Now let's take out the enemy target press the blade attack button. This is the standard attack of your mech. It should be enough to destroy basic enemies. However, you will need stronger weapons to fight your way through an army. The four buttons diagonally positioned along the right is the mech's main offensive capabilities. You should notice that the green bar goes empty. While these attacks deliver quite a punch, they take time to recharge or reload.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Iron Legions android bug codes: now, lets talk about long ranged attacks and close ranged attacks. Try swiping your finger across the screen with a downward motion. You should notice your ability button changing. This allows you to use different capabilities for your mech. Also note that your basic attack changes from blade to phaser attack. As you noticed, switching state results in your character moving backwards. This is an evasive maneuver that you already know. However, this is not enough as a cannon fired directly in front of you will still smash you to pieces. However notice that when you dodge, at the upper left hand corner, the yellow bar goes down. The yellow bar shows how much energy that your mech has. The instaneous movement requires large amounts of energy to be used. Overtime, this energy refills. You should still use your dodge sparingly and wisely.

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