hacking Battle of Littledom
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    Hacked Battle of Littledom android, ios

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    Battle of Littledom android, ios hack codes

    Hey, warrior! You, there! I need your help. We have no time for introductions. To arms! There's no time to sit around Tap unit to launch an attack. Your turn ends when all your units have attacked. Then it's your enemies' turn. Your unit has collected enough energy gems to charge its special skill. To trigger your unit's special skill, hold down on your unit's icon and swipe upwards. You can target a specific enemy unit by tapping it! Keep an eye on the enemy's element: some elements are stronger against others. Upwards arrows on your character mean you'll get a big attack bonus against that enemy.

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    Welcome game Battle of Littledom! Units have an advantage over other units of a weaker element. Every element has another element against which it is stronger. With the Gold Summon, you may obtain Rare, Super Rare or even ULTRA RARE units! You can summon amazing and unique units! It is essential that you learn how to level up your units to make them stronger. Fuse the bandits you captured: their sacrifice will provide precious HP to your hero. With the Basic Summon, you may obtain Common, Uncommon or even Rare units! Units have an advantage over other units of a weaker element. Every element has another element against which it is stronger.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Battle of Littledom android bug codes: Gather blue gems during combat to fill your unit's Special Skill gauge. Trigger the Special Skill for powerful effects! Increase the strength of your units by fusing them with other units. Fusing similar units will yield better results. Balanced units level up evenly; Defenders prioritize
    Defense and health; Blasters prioritize power; Strikers prioritize damage and attack. Pay attention to a unit's Quality (QLT): having high quality improves how lucky the unit will be when leveling up!

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