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    Hacked Puzzle Royale android, ios

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    Puzzle Royale android, ios hack codes

    Hello! Congratulations on your challenge in the monster battle. My name is cheat-on. Listen carefully as I will go through the battle rules. Learn by doing! Fight now to get a feel for the battle. Summon a monster by solving the puzzle. Move the monster block and make a row of 3 color matching blocks to summon. Match 4 or 5 blocks to summon more powerful monsters. But to summon powerful monsters you must acquire battle cards. I will tell you about how to acquire them later.

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    Welcome game Puzzle Royale! For now, focus on eliminating puzzle blocks more than your opponent! You will be facing much tougher opponents. You must become stronger to take them on! Doomga – this monster will be summoned upon eliminating red blocks. Collect enough cards to strengthen your monsters. Manage your mercenarles. They are much more powerful than monsters. Collect gold to unlock and strengthen mercenaries, just like the monsters. Buy monster cards or open chests to get cards. Also hacking cheat gold or gems here whenever you need. After a certain number of battle victories, you can acquire cards by tapping “victories” button.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Puzzle Royale android bug codes: gem sales are good for the welfare of the monsters, so make sure to use them. Upgrade summoner's strength, attack damage, chance for summoning double monsters and gold acquired upon battle victory. Vip effects – they become more powerful as you get higher vip points. In other words, the summoner becomes stronger with higher vip points. Vip points are earned by watching video ads or with gem code purchases. Lastly (for real this time), I will tell you how to get free cards! Watch a video to get cards and vip points. Just note that you won't be able to watch them continuously. You must wait to watch again.

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