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Epic Seven cheat world: Diche created the world from the body of Orbis and sowed life at its center. The Goddess vowed to protect the world and all its creatures. If calamity falls, my Heir will rise and deliver all from harm.
The Goddess gathered the pieces of the lost world. ANd she spoke once again...Arise. It does not end here.

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Tap the side of the screen in the direction you want to move. Tap an enemy to attack them using the currently selected skill. Use command strike to make a powerful sword slash at an enemy and trigger a dual attack.
This is the world's end pub, located in the sanctuary. You can visit the shop, strengthen your heroes, and make your own team. But for now, you have to start your adventure! Tap a world map stage icon, or tap the ready button to enter a stage.

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On first stage, sir Vildred will act as your supporter and help you in battle. First, let me explain how to battle since you've forgotten. YOu know that the objective of each battle is to defeat the enemies before you and your allies' health is reduced to zero, right? Alies' level, health, resources, and other information is displayed over their heads. The bar to the left displays the turn order and whose turn it is next. Pay attention to it.

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I'm sure you already know that you can select skills. You can use the menu at the bottom of the screen to return to the lobby pr play this stage again. I imagine your guardian will be somewhere else, so how about tapping the area highlighted and moving to the next stage? I'm sure you already know, but you can use the souls you gain in battle to activate soulburn and enhance your skills.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can recruit new heroes by completing connection missions. YOu'll take hero on your adventures, then you'll need to add hero to your formation. If you tap the hero button you can access different menus where you can manage your heroes. You can manage your teams in the team menu. Tap the "+" button that appears in the hero list to add him to your formation.

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Tutorial Epic Seven (wiki): Aither can heal his allies, so let's assign him to bottom position. Heroes can be acquired through adventure, connections, and summoning. Check their stats and assign them to a formation by using the hero menu in the lobby. Tap the green magnifying glass to move to character info screen. There you can see skill, equipment, and other information. You can receive rewards from the quest menu on the world map.

Epic Seven hacked Epic Seven information: If you tap a monster you wish to use to enhance, it will immediately be placed in an ingredient slot. Any changes to a hero's stats and skill are displayed in menu. As long as you have enough gold, you can tap the enhance button to enhance your unit. Frost slime shares the same element as Prince Aither and as such will provide the prince with more experience if used when enhancing him.

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