Novice adventurer's guide

Exos Heroes: Fate cores can be enhanced but they require a certain material that can be only obtained through summoning on fate core banners! Enhancing cores also requires insane amount of gold & on top of that it has % chance of success.

SoC is a banner that unlocks after chapter 4. This is a permanent banner that lets you select any fatecore and make it the pity unit. After completion, you can change the banner to another FC unit you.
SoC is not recommended for new players until they have at least couple of fated heroes to build a team to progress story&PvP first.
String of creation has a lot of useless heroes in the pool&every time you pull one it will be taken away& increases you chance to get your wanted.
To pull every single unit (worse scenario) you will need around 35k Xes in total to pity the fated hero! Exos Heroes Hint, hack cheat code:
Challenges are your main source of income to progress in the game (exp, gold, enhance mats & gear). So that requires you to be able to farm the highest difficulty for the best rewards! However, in this game some days the game requires you to use certain heroes & elements even 4 stars ones in order to challenge them. Dispatching heroes also requires you many teams to get the best rewards possible! It's highly recommended to build good 4 stars heroes at least.

DIfferent challenges & dispatches requires different heroes, elements & setups so keep that in mind. When building heroes always pay attention to the heroes listed depending on the daily challenge. Dispatches requires full teams.

Xes are the premium currency of the game that you need to summon heroes & gear, change unit's element, buy extra challenge attempts...etc. It is the most expensive resource in the game &even so for whales when buying them straight from shops!
Do not uses Xes on gear summons because its a waste! You can create legendary gear through dragon challenge. Best use to summon or change hero's element in general!

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The best way to collect xes fast is through progressing the main story, you get from clearing stages, account leven & achievements! One story is cleared you should go back to 3 stars. Every stage for the extra 80 + 200 Xes!
Yupir's lab is basically an Abyss type of challenge! The further you go the more rewards you get! It has 15 easy mode stages & hard difficulty! You can clear them once a month, you gain lots of Xes and currency which will help you progress! Each stage boss have unique mechanics, so build your team around his weakness!
Clearing Yupir's lab for the first time also gives you tons of Exodium (currency used to summon), that has a chance to drop a fated hero also! New players should try this lab every month^ try to push as far as they can go for maximum rewards!

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Hero blessing: this feature is by far the most expensive & difficult thing about this game because of the mat drop rate! When maxing a hero's level (75), enhancing him to +5 you will unlock the ability to bless him which will make him 6 stars, giving him extra mana, extra level 90 and a new unique name! Blessing a hero requires certain materials and stones that you can farm through challenges.
The most annoying part is the 2 blessing premium stones which has super low drop rate even on the hardest difficulty stage on challenges! You can also buy it through packs with real money. Always bless fates heroes with fate cores first.

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Important notes:
- gear, fatecore & blessing are the main source of combat power.
- keep 1 copy of every hero in the game!
- don't use sunstones to summon, use them in exchange shop!
- climb PvP as far as possible for max Xes weekly rewards!
- if you want to spend, monthly Xes packs are the best offer!
- Join guild ASAP for rewards, guild war and achievements!
- Some enemies requires multiple elements to be broken.
- breaking enemies always grants critical hits after.
- dissamble blue and below gear, buy purple from exchange shop!

Author: Solarios