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Exploration - you can travel freely between nations. Various rewards can be earned on the journey, but you may run into enemies that block your path from time to time.

This guide is just for early game to help you clear the main story. For starters: use common rare armors, and polish it, do not "reforge" it, save the reforge materials for legendary gears. Dismantle your common rare gears and buy legendary equipments in exchange shop. All of the rare and legendary gears are for temporary until you get fated gears. Fated weapons in airship forge. Forgotten equipment mileage - randomly generated 1 fated weapon. Reward is given every time mileage is fully charged, and mileage won't get reset even if reward is not taken. The forgotten equipment (weapons) adds mileage. The same amounts of mileage regardless of the results. EXOS Heroes Hint, hack cheat code:
Cold is a very limited source in this game, and its very important because you use it everywhere. Upgrade gear, heroes, fusing and enhancing cores. There are 2 main dungeon for gold income however they don't provide enough for all your needs. TO max your gold income, consider selling useless 1&2 stars heroes , as for 3 & 4 stars make sure you keep a copy. Fully transcend first (+5) before you sell other dupes.
Gold is highly required for progress in the game. Gear, cores or even fusing, all requires insame amount of gold so be careful on what to use it on! Fusing heroes should be the last option to use gold on however because it wont benefit you much!
Selling heroes or Dissembling them depends on your current stat & priority in the game mostly. Dissemble gives you currency that you use to buy in the exchange shop (sells enhance mats & such). So make up your priorities first. Tips EXOS Heroes hack cheat code: tier reward - conditions to maintain tier: participated in 10 or more battles, 50% or higher win rate. Of all conditions are met, when a new season starts, you will be moved to the third grade of the same tier.
Fatecore chance increase - when you obtain a fatecore, you also get a 5 star hero that can equip it. Recruit 11 times, and you've guaranteed to get 1 legendary hero.

Fate cores are basically a new skin (it can change gender also). But it changes the skill & passives of the hero equipped with it & buff their stats as well! In most cases any fate core will make the hero insanely strong! Fate cores comes through summoning, however, if you pull a fate core hero you will automatically get a regular hero copy! EXOS Heroes: cheats codes, hack

Author: Solarios