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Exos Heroes review: This is going to be an honest review of the current state of game! I will address the thing that most creators aren't & give my thoughts on it! Remember, it is My personal opinion so take that into consideration please!

Visuals: by far one of the top visuals in all the mobile games i've had seen in my life! The details put into every single character even the low tier ones is just insane! It shows how much quality the Devs put into the game and they deserve a huge amount of support for that!

Story: gacha games are known for their crappy stories mostly because of how bad the writing is. However, Exos heroes has a pretty solid story! Not the best, but certainly very impressive and what grabs you to it more is the atmosphere. The world itself including the beautiful soundtracks. Exos Heroes Hint, hack cheat code:
Combat system: combat is the main reason that i care about mobile games the most because everything else is copy paste since most gachas are just banners and whaling! Exos heroes has the best combat system i have yet to see in a mobile game. For me it's even better than epic 7's combat! The mana system and the potential behind it is just huge!

Navigation system: not many gacha allows you to be interactive with the game's world mostly but in exos heroes you can! Having a world map that you can move around freely may not be a big deal to some players but for me it is a huge bonus that i appreciate so much! You can even run from a dragon!

F2P us P2W:
This is where i have to be honest and it may hurt some of you! The game as of it is now is 100$ P2W and here's why: The gap between a fate core and a regular hero is huge! The need for heroes's duplicate is a must for competition! God mode exists! Just search FC Zeon. The currency to real money ration is high. PvE P2W walls exist! Meaning you can not progress further if you do not have certain hero.

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Right now, i am only playing the game to collect my favorite heroes honestly and mostly enjoying the skill animations & the soundtrack. If you think you can complete as a F2P in this game you are in for a huge disappointment! Unlike epic 7 where even F2P can get to legend rank and complete! In Exos heroes that is not even something to dream about. Yes it may trigger a lot of people but it is the truth that no one would admit.
Author: Solarios