Yupir's Labyrinth Guide (hard mode)

Exos Heroes: Tips:
- this stage's boss only takes DMG from Earth type heroes!
- Boss has instant death effect which will kill the hero in couple of turns (can't be cleansed).
- you can approach it 2 ways: 1. Full earth DPS to burn her HP bar really fast. 2. Full support team with revivers & utility.Hero like FC Bathory (extra mana to front row every turn).
- i lack built earth units os i invested in Astarte which is one of the best DPS in game cuz of her multipliers. I used the safe method of revivers but rng can still screw. You so approach carefully & time your skills right.
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Epic 7: Auto 3-Man Azimanak 13 w: Charles works really well in Aimanak because he can AoE kill the minions on second wave and dispell any buffs on A13. Healer and cleanser is highly recommended. 180+ speed is recommended for all heroes. Joker artifact/ def break helps you burn A13 HP faster. Stats and Subs at the end of

How to Use Specter Tenebria In Guild War: the S. Tenebria build im showing works for both PvP and PvE , it does really well but feel free to change. The artifact on stenberia depends on your utility. Kal for more DMG and Book for soulburns Spam. The stats of S Tenebria will be at the end of the video.

One Team VS Every Raid Boss (Both Difficulties):
This is a full showcase of Ray's potential in PvE, his skills will be maxed in future so keep that in mind. I used 1 team only & its best team for raid both difficulties. Ray is insanely good & can be solo healer in any content of you use right artifact on him & especially if you manual. Morale of this team is 30+ which is recommended for best results: Ravi, Sol, Adventurer Ras, Elphelt, Achates, Tamarinne, Chloe, Signet, Krau.

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