Attachment Upgrade Workshop Explained for Beginners Tips Guide

Fallout Shelter Online: I'll now attempt to explain the approaches to using a workshop in a simplest manner possible for the advanced and beginners alike. The quality of an attachment is unalterable. No matter how many times you upgrade it the quality will still be unchanged. Dismantling an upgraded attachment will produce upgrade materials in return. As well as a small tube for crafting attachments at the workshop. White quality attachments are usually dismantled in a heartbeat.
Now proceed to pick the type of attachment yu have in mind for a particular dweller and then craft using the small tubes. For a higher change to produce advanced attachments. It's recommended to collect at least 15 small tubes for bulk crafting. If you're extremely lucky, you would produce an advanced attachment of your preferred set.

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Some attachments give exclusive heroes an unique set effect. Still not convinced that you can't upgrade the quality of an attachment. Dismantling the worthless piece of Junk with an inordinate amount of upgrades yields unexpected returns. Now you know the basic approaches to using a workshop. If pre-war cash is an object, then you'd better leave some of it for fixed set attachment lunchboxes. A SSR dweller with a superior set of attachments beats a bunch of SSR dwellers with an inferior set of Attachments.

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