Fallout Shelter Online Who’s the Better Healer

SR DR. Madison LI & R Allie
DR. Madison LI - participated and completed the water Purification project in the capital wasteland. After James sacrificed himself to kill the Enclaves soldiers, she led the "Lone Wanderer" in seeking the help from the Brotherhood of Steel.
Medical bot: places a robot to heal all friendly units 2 times, each time healing the amount of HP equal to 154% of Madison Li's damage plus 45 extra points, also removes 50% of their radiation.

Dweller Allie - is a chief engineer of the institute as well as a member of the board. She is married to Nathan Filmore whom, is also a scientist at the institute and they have a child together named Quentin.
Combat med-kit: uses the med kit to heal HP to 232% of Allie's damage plus an additional 77 for all team members.

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Who’s the Better Healer? How does a SR madison compare to allie When it comes to healing capabilities. There's not much of a difference between the two except that the former has the ability to remove rad. Although Madison heals about 70 percent more her healing comes split in half. It takes 120 institute reputation points to exchange for a poster of medicine. And only 40 points for a poster of Allie.
There's no better time than this if Madison is at your top list. I believe Nick is more of a PvP dweller who messes with the AP of his enemy. Slowing down the killer moves of opponents.
Let's face it. It's unrealistic for a casual overseer to be anticipating him at this stage and kill the fun off by collecting and holding on to his posters for goodness knows how long. It wasn't in my best interest to get Madison either. As i believe she is being purposefully made as an essential healer in and justified by a one-time highly radioactive event.

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Reckoning that the very theme of this game is built upon an apocalypse of radiation. It's convinced me that radioactive battles are going to be part and parcel of the game. That's what made me to pull the trigger on her posters.
Who’s the Better Healer? Allie will be on her way out if and when Carrington ever gets a chance to shine. Get Madison only if you're gonna put in supreme effort to turn her into a 4 or 5-star dweller. Otherwise you're better off using a 5-star Allie whose healing is delivered in one lump sum.
Now that we've skimmed over their ability let's see them in action. The interval time between the two healing instances of Madison is five seconds. 5 seconds is more than enough for a finishing move to occur and land a knockout blow. That's the only drawback for Madison. That is why based on Educated guess carrington may be the best dweller to adress the shortcoming of Madison with his short CD healing spell. Charging healing perk will heal all team members for 3 times in every 21 seconds.

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Here's an instance of her charged healing perk notice that the number 1742 has appeared 3 times.
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