Fallout Shelter Online the Glowing Sea Event

Event is known for its high concentration of radiation. All dweller levels, equipments, and perks will be suppressed here. You must think twice, explore all kinds of map signs, reasonably decide every action, and let your team get further for better rewards.
Start time: 5:00 (UTC +8) on the fifth day since current server is up. Requirements: Vault level 19.
Details: Venture in the Glowing Sea to obtain lots of SR dweller - Madison's Power/ SSR dweller Nick's poster and more! Full of opportunities here, and it also a fierce battle! Overseers, are you ready?

I suggest that you should use the combat tools you found accordingly. If the whole team has lost their combat abilities, you will need to pay cola tokens for them to recover and then continu with the next action.

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Requirements Mirelurk Queen Event: A souvenir coin, it's said that a lot of travelling merchants like collecting these, i think merchants in the glowing Sea will trade for this too. Merchants only carry supply goods that can be used in the Glowing sea, and they only refresh what they sell once a day, we can buy them according to our needs.
The products fromt the traders are very useful to the Vault, they are worth purchasing.

Author: Solarios