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Upgrade combat squad's equipment so they can face bigger threats out on the Wasteland.
How do you spend nuka cola caps. Caps are primary used for upgrading gear. Access the equipment page of a dweller from profile. Here is where you get to upgrade the gear of the character. In addition to caps upgrading gear costs materials better known as trashes in fallout. Trashes can be collected from battle drops and lunchboxes.
It's necessary to collect posters if you want to recruit or promote your favorite dweller. In the case of dogmeat - 50 posters are required to promote it to a 3 star dweller.

Fallout Shelter Online Hint, hack cheat code:
Basic Team Squad Setup for Beginners. This set of team is accessible to everyone as you progress through the storyline. It consists of two tanks namely sturges and dogmeat. Allie the only healer, Macready the main dps. ANd Moira - a support with an ability that decreases the enemy's DMG and Churns out AOE damage.

Here are some useful team suggestions. Healer, a champion worth training in the long run. Tank, has high health and controlling abilities which can be very helpful in the early stages. Tank, can attack enemies in the back row directly and kill them at once with the help of a sniper. Attacker, high blast solo sniper ability, can cause devastating damage to the enemy's back row with the help of Dogmeat or Moira. Support, AOE damage reduction skill, has good AOE output and can decrease the enemy's damage.

Tips Fallout Shelter Online hack cheat code: if you're not ready yet to splurge on those exclusive dwellers, then this si a good team to start off with. Allie keeps the team alive, so be sure to work a fair bit on her defense, and max out her first aid kit. Now Let's debug the radroach nest with the team.
Always keep an eye on Allie's ability, activate it as soon as it's available. Although the same can be said for the rest the action of Allie has more direct implications on the rest of the dwellers.
Macready has just inflicted a devastating blow to an enemy. Sturges is like those warriors that you've come across in mmos who could stun enemies for 2 seconds. We have just witnessed Moira hurling poison gas bottles at her enemies. Reducing the damage power of the enemies for a whopping 10 seconds. nevertheless this team should last for a good while before it impedes progression. Fallout Shelter Online: cheats codes, hack

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