Fallout Shelter Online Mirelurk Queen Incoming Event

By the way! Of course, the vault-tec is introducing you some new things. For example, refreshing beverage, just a sip and the dweller feels alive again! Fully remove the radiation and restore 100% HP and AP of dweller! And fat man, Boom! Go Kaboom and cause mass destruction, it only has effect on common enemies. Use them wisely.
After re-entering the Glowing sea, the Overseers will see a brand new Glowing Sea map. Due to unknown reasons, the ecological status of the Glowing Sea has further deteriorated. According to rumors, this is related to the legendary monster Mirelurk Queen. Let us find her nest together and explore the truth of this incident.
Start at 5:00 (UTC +8) on the second day after the ened of the first phase of the Glowing Sea event in current server.

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Requirements Mirelurk Queen Event: Vault level 19.
Rewards: this time the vault-tec has prepared three types of chests for Overseers! Keep exploring the Glowing Sea, collect Gold Souvenir Coins and exchange for them!
Gold Lunch box - has chance to acquire SSR dweller poster/ Fine attachment upgrade material / superb attachment upgrade material.
Rare lunch box - has chance to acquire SSR Dweller poster/ SR dweller poster/ Superb, fine attachment upgrade material/ random purple, blue attachment.
Regular lunch box.
Any items used for exchanging will be wiped after every phase of the Glowing Sea event. DOn't forget to exchange in time.

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Mirelurk Queen Event Information (wiki):
due to the bad environment in the special areas, HP and radiation of team members will not be reset after combat, the only ways to recover team members is to use combat tools or take a rest.
All of the weapons collected in the special area can be brought out of the incident and saved. It can later be used on the special area maps.
The map of the special area are comprised of these landmarks ( challenge, exchange, trade, event, hidden), carefully assessing each step is the key to a successful exploration.
Due to bad environment, all team members will be restricted power and levels once they get to certain conditions, specific restrictions cna be found at the exchange point.
The two types of souvenir coins found in the special area can be used to trade for combat tools, attachments, dweller poster and pets, and more.

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You can sometimes find unlimited incidents in the special area through a lot of exploration. Combat gains and number of keys will be saved during this exploration.
Mirelurk Queen Supply spot - here is the academy's teleportation device. We can rest up here or change memebers. Remaining free chances: 2.
Author: Solarios