Characters Tier list - Fallout Shelter Online (items talents star).

Items (materials): Small tube - used for crafting attachments at the attachment workshop. You can get these through dismantling attachments.
Support lunchbox - randomly acquire 4 support pieces with blue quality or above.
Tank lunchbox - randomly acquire 4 tank pieces with blue quality or above.
12 hour food supply - open to receive 11928 food resources, equal to 2 hours of production based on the current rate. Caution: resources received cannot exceed the current upper limit.
12 hour resource supply - can acquire 12 hours worth of electricity, food, clean water and caps.
Basic lunchbox - dropped during first clear on normal incidents. Includes resources and a few posters.
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Abilities: father's love - summons synths to protect all team members. Synths summoned restore HP equal to 130% of Shaun's damage plus 328 additional healing for all team members for 2 times, also making them immune to all damage within 1 seconds.
Quick shot - deals damage to the enemy with the lowest HP, has a chance of dealing additional damage.
Leg - bite the furthest enemy 2 times, dealing damage every time, plus 3 seconds of bleeding effect.
First aid kit - uses the med kit to heal HP equal to 300% of Allies's damage plus on additional 724 for all team members.
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Author: Solarios