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Greetings! Are you the Seeker we’ve been expecting? Then you must be the one who can find the last dragon’s cache! Quick, get to the castle! Move the red piece to match three pieces. Collect the red pieces and complete the level. There was a dragon’s egg in the cache! You are the great seeker for sure. A dragon will save our kingdom - so says Ashley, the alchemist’s apprentice. Let’s hurry and take the egg to the castle.

Frozen Flowers hack

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Match 4 pieces and get a bonus piece. Move the bonus item to activate it. We need to get into the garden, but it’s piled high with snow. But look, Wilgo radiates so much heat the snow is melting around him. Tap the location to complete construction. THe garden is clear of snow! If we find the dragon chronicles, we’ll teach Wilgo how to breathe fire, and he will melt the snow everywhere in Flores.

Frozen Flowers cheats, hack codes

To protect it from those with evil intentions, the most important page was hidden in a box and buried in the garden. To break ice blocks, make piece combinations near them. Clear the Gate of snow - it’s the only way to rescue Ashley the Otherworld where the winter wizard took her. How can we make the dragon breathe fire without Ashley’s help? There’s a piece of the page from the book in the box. But it only has a drawing of a strange flower on it. Maybe we need to find it?
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Left menu - this is how many moves you have left to beat the level. According to legend, the dragon chronicles had a very peculiar bookmark in it. What if it’s magic and can help us read the page? To shatter blue tiels, make matches on them. Gather all your finds. Maybe your seeker gift will help us find the dragon chronicles and learn how to make the dragon breathe fire?

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