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Free hack Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats code list - wands, runestones, gold, promo ticket, stamina, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheat world: oh, there you are! Than goodness. hello, i’m Cheat-on - i work with Hermione Granger on the Statue of secrecy task force. We’ve been charged with containing this disastrous calamity. This Calamity is, well, quite calamitous. Everything that anyone has ever feared, revered, or held dear in the wizarding world - people, things, even memories - have been stolen and displaced, tossed about across the world.

We’ve got to return what is lost, and quickly. The statue of secrecy is in danger of being broken. Harry Potter, an Auror from the department of Magical Law enforcement is on hand to advise you on a few “calamity basics”.

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The ministry have provided you a brilliant map, designed to help find the missing objects. Magical ME there indicates your position in the world. Magic always leaves traces. It indicates the location of a Foundable left by magic, causing this Calamity and risking the Statue of secrecy. Foundables are what we’re calling the things that are missing.

Tap on the trace in order to return this Foundable. The threat meter measures how likely a foundable is to expose the wizarding world, thereby breaking the statue of secrecy. The greater the threat, the harder it will be to remove the confoundable.

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Now that you’ve returned Hagrid to where he belongs, you should make note of it in the registry. The registry is a listing of all the missing foundables known to the ministry. Everything that has been reported missing can be found here. “Explorations” are what we call the collection of Foundables hidden within the traces, along with a few special items that you can recover from the Fortresses.

As you return Foundables to their appropriate time and place, you’ll mark progress by adding their image to your registry. You can return to the registry at any time to see which Foundables you’ve returned and which ones are still missing.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite wiki
Ministry ID - complete your registration to become an official member of the statute of secrecy task force. Please indicate which Hogwarts House you were sorted into. Weigh your wand in order to register it and verify that it is in good working order. Remember, if you do well, you can earn Titles and wizarding achievement badges for your service to the ministry.
    The properties of different woods can correspond to the character and values of its wielder:
  • Acacia - peculiarly temperamental, Acacia often refuses to produce magic for any but their owner.
  • Alder - unyielding, it prefers owners that are helpful and considerate. Alder is best suited for non verbal spell work.
  • Apple - a rare wand wood, Aplle wood is suited for those with personal charm and high ideals.
  • Ash - ideal for those who are stubborn and courageous, but not arrogant or crass.
  • Aspen - great for aspring duellists, Aspen wands are usually suited for the determined revolutionary.
  • Beech - capable of rare artistry in spell work, wielders of Beech wands are rich in understanding and experience.
  • Blackthorn - to properly bond with a blackthorn wand, its wielder needs to pass through danger or great hardship
  • Black Walnut - not the easiest to master, as it is attuned to inner conflict in its wielder, and seeks a sincere, self aware owner.
  • Cherry - reguires a sure with exceptional self control and strength of mind, as cherry wands can possess truly lethal power.

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  • Our wand weigher ensures your wand is in proper working order. Please identify all of your wand's components (wood, core, flexibility and lenght) for our records.
  • Dark arts runestone - use this runestone at a fortress to initiate a wizarding challenge.
  • You can find portmanteaus on the map or from trace and challenge rewards.
  • While many different substances can be used for wand cores, the three supreme core types are Unicorn Hair, Dragon heartstring, and Phoenix Feather.

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    Tutorial Harry Potter Wizards Unite(wiki):
  • Dragon heartstring - produces the wands with the most power, and the quickest to learn new spells. However, they can change allegiance if won from their master, and are the most prone to accidents.
  • Unicorn hair - produces the most consistent magic, and the most faithful of all wands. They do not make the most powerful wands, but the wood they are paired can compensate for this.
  • Phoenix feather - produces the greatest range of magic, and shows the most initiative. They are the hardest to tame, and phoenix feather wands are often the pickiest when choosing its owner.
Rubeus Hagrid - half giant, gamekeeper, and professor of care of magical creatures, Rubeus Hagrid has an affinity for tea, gardening, and magical creatures (especially of the extremely dangerous variety). he is rarely seen without his faithful boarhound, Fand, by his side.
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