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Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells Game story: I’ve been looking fer yeh. I was asked to deliver this trunk with yer name on it. Don’t aske me how ter open it, but i know it contains something special. As a brave Gryffindor, i’m sure yeh can figure it out. Well, i’ve got ter some fresh eating slug repellent, but i’m sure i’ll be seeing yeh again very soon.
Controls: match white spell gems to collect them. Once the spell meter is filled a spell will be cast.

Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells hack

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You’ve revealed a bombastic bomb! Double tap to collect the purple gems and complete the puzzle. Your puzzle skills are promising! As you level up, you will unlock spells, collect creatures, mix potions and encounter new magical challenges. Along the way, you will celebrate the wizarding world like never before. Journey began at 4 privet drive.

Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells cheats, hack codes

Create a severing surge power-up by matching four gems in a row. Double tap the severing surge to activate it. Collect more green gems to solve puzzle. Match into T-shape to create a bombastic bomb. Swap any power-ups with any gem to activate it. Look for a L-shape in the puzzle to create another bombastic bomb.
Create winged keys by matching four gems into a square. Double tap a winged key or match it with a gem to activate it.
Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells wiki
This collection of gems, and the provided puzzle gameboard, will act as the tools to challenge and develop your magic and puzzle solving abilities. Prepare to unlock new spells and powerful creatures to aid you in these puzzles. Create your own magical mischief while experiencing your favourite moments!
You will find new gear to unlock, and can come back any time to customize. Match five gems to create a charmed bag power-up. Now use the charmed bag to collect all gems of a single colour.

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