Hint tips wiki - I Am Hero AFK Teamfight secrets.

Welcome destiny savior! Your trial is about to start, let's get ready. Now tap Battle to start the trial. Heroes fight automatically and auto-cast their abilities when the blue mana bar is full. A new hero awaits, let's prepare your team for tough battle ahead. Tap hero avatar to deploy the new character. Tap to open your AFK loot chest.
Hint: let's upgrade new unit! Tap hero avatar to deploy the new hero. Tap level up to increase character level and make it even stronger! Tap equip gear to put it on unit. Quests: level up hero, star campaign battle, enhance gear, collect AFK rewards, send friend points, use fast reward. Remember, heroes deal up to an additional 25% damage to countered races.
Tips: Use common scroll to recruit new hero. Epic or higher guaranteed in the first 10 draw. Vip benefits: enter arena for additional free times per day. Use fast reward times, afk hero EXP bonus, gold bonus. Undertake elite bounty quest.

I Am Hero AFK Teamfight

I Am Hero AFK Teamfight: cheats codes, hack

Author: Solarios