Last Day on Earth Hanna Reputation Guide

Hello everyone! Week 2 of season 8 has now started! 3 new games to earn reputation for Hanna has been unlocked! Hannah - is the second event coordinator. To earn reputation with her, catch turkeys at the Fair, place bets on races and use the fortune teller.
The first game is turkey catching. This is a fun and high rewarding game! YOu have to first stun the turkeys by punching them and then catch to earn points. You need to catch at least 7 turkeys to earn 50 tickets. If you catch less than 7 then you won't get any tickets.
The trick is to tap the punch button just once and then keep tapping the hand button till you have caught 1 turkey. Keep doing this for each turkey very quickly. You will easily be able to catch 7 turkeys this way.
But sometimes a wild turkey might spawn making it harder for you to catch turkeys.

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Hanna Reputation Guide: the next game is racing where you have to bet on pet. You can choose from 4 turkeys. This mini game is very unpredictable. It's hard to decide which turkey to bet on became they run very randomly. Your pet must win the race otherwise you won't get any tickets.
The third game is fortune teller. You need to first fix it using the following resources. Fortune teller mainly gives you various buffs in exchange for tickets. But she can also provide you some items in chests at farming zones. We got a prophecy to find a treasure in Pine wood. So visit the zone and you can find some nice loot in red box. The buffs get activated instantly.

Buffs: sneaking - you can move without attracting attention. Sprint - you run much faster than usual for several seconds.

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Roll - enemies cannot damage you while you are rolling. Look around - you can take a look around and get a view of the surrounding area. Self healing - you can heal yourself without using food or medicine. Animal friend - animals will not be afraid of you for a while. auto mode - allows you to gather resources and kill enemies automatically. Sign of armor - the stars are in position for brave ones. Your armor is increased. Sign of forester - forester's knowledge will help you get more oak logs.

As usual, playing these 3 games will earn you reputation for Hanna. Or you can provide suitcases to earn reputation faster. New piles of garbage are available again. So you can clear them to complete your season task.

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The Bulletin board is now unlocked. You can enjoy the band performance at Fair at the mentioned times. So these were all the new stuffs available from week 2 - Hanna Reputation Guide.

Author: Solarios