Last Day on Earth Best Way To Spend Fair Tickets

As you know, there are 2 things you can spend your tickets on.
First is the "cake" bike skin at Gas station and second are the items at fair stall.
The Gas station bike is cheap and also good, so you can take that if you want. I basically want to talk about the stall items. Since stall is the only place where you can spend tickets after purchasing the bike. If you are a beginner then the first two items (bandages and survivor's notes) will be best for you. Bandage - can drastically restore health and ease one's life. Survivor's notes- these notes contain useful information. Read them to get some experience. You can use them at bunker alfa to level up fast.
Make sure to watch our another pages to know the best way to use these notes.
But if you are a high level & advanced player then the last 2 items (grenade and ampule) will be best. Grenade - powerful and effective weapon in skillful hands. Throw with caution. Antirad - an ampule of liquid based on iodine. Provides temporary protection form radiation.

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Best Way To Spend Fair Tickets: grenade and antirad - will help you at bunker Bravo and for clearing blackport waves.
However i would recommend you not to spend your tickers yet! Because new items will be added to this stall at weak 2 and weak 3, and those items could be better than these week 1 items. So better to save your tickets for now & spend them at the beginning of week 3.

Author: Solarios