Last Day on Earth Who’s Trick to Win in every Turkey Race

Season 8 week 2 task is here including fair games catch a turkey and race. Dreadwing - when this turkey gets angry, he runs faster that wind. And he's angry almost all the time.
Bullet - incredible smooth feathers of this turkey provide her body with aerodynamic features.
Itchy - this turkey has been trained for races since she was born. Even the Big one can envy her muscles.
Muffin - his little extra weight help this turkey maintain cornering stability.

We start a bet on maybe the first one. While they run you see which one is leading the first place then type again to bet on him while the race run. And again we bet on the first one and see while the race number 3 is leading. IT works in every race but you can do it only two times or use coins for another rounds.

Last Day on Earth hack
Mission "catch a turkey" - hurry up to catch 7 turkeys before your opponent. First, knock them out with a fist. Don't worry, the turkeys are in helmets, they won't be hurt. Need ticket - to earn tickets, take part in tournaments and play at the fair. To catch turkey we just need to hit them first before we can catch them. You need to be fast here catch them before your opponent will, or before wild turkey kill them.
Author: Solarios