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Magic Arena cheat world: welcome, wizzard! i will guide you basic battle system. Let's get into the Arena. Now, your goal is to survive from the battle using abilities you have on your right hand side. Fire ball gives damage and knockbacks the enemy. As lava gives crucial damage, use them wisely. Earth shock can target enemies in wide range. However, use with care as it has short casting time.

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Haste is as buff ability which increases your movement speed temporary. ou can simply click the button to use it. Now, let's learn how to get new abilities. Select the ability tab - you can buy abilities here. Free ability books are also available, but you need to wait a certain time to gainagain. I will give you a ticket hack to skip video ads. Try to get the free ability. You learned an ability you already have, but don't be sad, it can be upgraded.

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Let's ypgrade fire ball ability - power, speed and knockback amount be increased. By the way, in order to survive from the arena, you will need equipment that enhances your stats. Equipments can be purchased from the shop, and of course, free equipments are also available. Hero menu - your current stats (ability power, hit point, health regeneration, movement speed, cooldown reduction) and equipment information is displayed in this section.

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Press the item to equip it. For your information, in case you don't need the equipment anymore, you can disenchant to get carnet peice. With garnet peice, you can forge any items you may want in the shop. I think i have explained everything you need to survive from the arena. Oh, rught! The more rank you get, the better reward you can get when each season is done! I look forward you to reach top rank someday!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: don't forget to check mailbox. Arena master must have sent you some welcome presents. Utilizes a variety of spells, use strategies to survive in the arena. Become the last person to earn more rewards. Get rewarded and upgrade your abilities to become top class mage!
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