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Basics: Create game - press to create a new multiplayer game. Find game - join an existing multiplayer game created by another player.
Singla player - in this mode the player plays the missions alone. Your adventure will start with a mission in the Tycho crater. This is a training mission during which you will learn the rules of driving the tank, shooting, choosing weapons, destroying some objects and collecting others. The next missions will be much more difficult so try to get to know all the necessary rules during this training mission.
Customize - launches the tank configuration panel. It consists of a preview window of the currently selected tank, which presents additional armament and external equipment that has been purchased in the store and then activated for use in the mission.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Each mission consists of tasks that must be completed to successfully complete the mission. Completing the task is awarded with a medal. Left section shows how many medals you can earn in a given mission. To unlock the mission you need to get the required number of medals. The number of medals required to unlock the mission is shown in the padlock.
cheat, Step #2: Tank icon activates the weapon and equipment selection menu. You can choose from 4 types of weapons, a radar, a spotlight and a 3d camera. The default weapon is the cannon which is available from the beginning of the game. The other weapon or equipment you can buy in the store using the golden tokens you obtained during the game. In addition, the menu has the information icon marked with letter “I”. This icon activates a window with a reminder of the mission’s purpose.
Mars Quest code, Step #3: Fire control - touch it and slide your finger without lifting it, and the tank turret will follow your moves. If the active weapon is a cannon or rocket launcher, tap the fire icon or any point on the screen once to fire at this direction.
Holding your finger on the fire control icon and releasing it after a while increases the speed of the bullet and changes its trajectory.
If the energy or automatic weapon is active, holding your finger on the screen or on the fire icon control will cause a continuous fire.
Step #4: “$” - this is an indicator of the level of money (gold credits or crystals) you collected during the mission. Energy level indicator - if the heart turns red, the energy level is dangerously low. When the heart is dark navy blue, it means that the tank is protected by a force field.
Task - your ship was shot down and crashed while landing on the surface of Mars. Rescue all astronauts who survived the crash. Drive up to them with the tank. They will be automatically transferred on the deck.

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