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Meteorfall Krumit's Tale redeem codes

Basics: clear the dungeon! A dungeon is clear when no enemies remain on the board or in the dungeon deck. The dungeon is created by shuffling together your items and abilities with vagabonds and monsters, and then dealing them out into a grid. Your remaining health (and that of your opponent) is indicated by heart icon. You can see what the enemy intends to do based on the bubble above their head. In this case, the enemy is about to perform a simple attack, but others might also block, inflict poison, or glade angrily at you.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): You’ll always attack first - unless the enemy politely declares an ambush and uses a blitz attack. Defeating foes gives you 1 gold coin, but that’s not the only way to earn your fortune. You can also earn gold coins discarding tiles you don’t need.
Tiles can include items (weapons, armor, potions) and abilities. Normally you’ll need to fight monsters or discard tiles to earn.
cheat, Step #2: All tiles have a gold cost that must be paid to acquire item. Boop the green button to acquire the tile and add it to your inventory.
More fearsome Foes will require you to use items and abilities. Tippity tap your sword to equip it. Your weapon has increased your ATK to 3. You can unequip weapons by tapping them again.
Meteorfall Krumit's Tale code, Step #3: Using an item reduces its durability indicated by dots on the tile. Tiles are destroyed when they’re out of dots.Your FOe has 4 block this turn which will render your attack useless. Attacking with your sword in this case will just waste durability, so put it down for now. Looks like this dastard is about to hit with a big attack for 5! Tap your chainmail to equip it and soak up the pain.
Step #4: Block reduces the damage taken, but only for the round in which you use it. Slash is an ability - abilities usually modify an attack made with a weapon, or target enemies on the board directly. Slash increases your ATK by 3, but only if you have a weapon equipped. Slash also has the exhaust keyword, meaning it’s destroyed after use. You’re on your own now - clear the board and make me stop worrying - i mean, make me proud.

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