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Story: morning after the fight> You've lost your battle, pirate! Your arrogance ended in the fight with your Captain, and here you are, at the wrecked ship with your friends captured by local aborigines. Now you have to start from the scratch: restore the ship, arm it, and save your friends if they're still alive. Your ship that once was the scourge of the seas is nothing more than a pile of junk. SO get to work! Sort out the debris - you'll be surprised how many useful things can be found in there. Collect and storage all the resources, you'll need them for repairing.
Choose your hero: warrior - 10% to attack speed; shield - 1 to armor; assassin - 10% movement speed.
Hint: repair the ship - renew the ship and equip it with new machine tools - this will give you the opportunity to make new weapons and tools.
Tips: explore skeleton - there must be resources required to repair the boat. Passage - leads to the mess room. Perhaps you can find something useful there. The captain's cabin is blocked and there is a map on the table. You have to clear the way.

You'll need a transport to move between the ship and the archipelago. There is a broken boat on the ship - restore it with the resources you've gathered. When the boat is ready, you can open the global map and teavel to the islands to gather resources.
Secrets: Known your enemy - each type of aborigines is dangerous in its way. Make some research to choose the right weapon to counter their attacks.
Animals are food. After killing an animal, don't forget to take food and other valuable resources. Hunger kills - monitor your hunger and thirst levels. If the values are below critical, you can die.
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