New upgrade 2020 version Raid shadow legends

Here comes an exciting 2.6.0 Update :
New legendary fusion: It's been a while since we had a good old fusion, and we have just the champion for you - Gurptuk Moss beard! This brand new legendary champion will be available for fusion from may 12 until may 31. To fuse Gurptuk moss beard, you'll need to get the following four champions: fang cleric, catacomb councilor, seneschal, and umbral enchantress.
You can get every champion directly through event, challenges, and battles. Well, aside from catacomb councilor, who you need to fuse - but you can also get everyone you need to fuse him from events too.

Here's how you get the champions:
Fang cleric - available from: champion training event - fused from these 4 champions: hack cheat code
Hatched slinger - available from champion training event. Cudgeler - available from dragon tournament. Twinclaw disciple - artifact enhancement event. Haruspex - dungeon divers event.

Seneschal - available from dungeon divers evet, fused from these 4 characters: Corpulent Cadaver, Frozen Banshee, Beast Wrestler, Painsmith.
Umbral enchantress - from summon rush, fused from: Ghoulish ranger, bombardier, perforator, Bulwark.
Catacomb councilor - fused from: soulbond bowyer, myrmidon, fencer, ragemonger.

Events and tournaments start and finish for everyone at the same in game time. Make sure you plan accordingly: check the events or tournaments window to see exactly what time an event ends in your local timezone.

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