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Rangers of Oblivion attacks: while active your attack stack a blade mark. When deactivating, these marks will improve and deal damage. Remember, you need to be mindful of your surroundings during battle. However, i have to remind you, battling Behemoths and training are two completely different things. Never lower your guard. Head to the munitions merchant and claim your armor! Instructor Harken gives you a weapon pack. Open it from your inventory to receive all of the different recruit weapons that you can change at your leisure.

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Gears: Mr. Marlowe is the most famously dishonest trader there is. Make sure you double and triple check the prices and number of items when you trade with him. The rangers' real combat trial sure is glorious. But there's no need to fret, we've prepared the best equipment for you. I forgot to introduce you, this is the rangers' master smith, Brokk. He will forge your equipment. To forge the recruit's armor pieces, you require iron, hides and beast bones. I'll tell you the exact amount in a bit. Listen, go find miss Cassandra. She'll tell you where to obtain the materials you need.

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Cassandra - the garrison commander. It's my duty to issue various missions into the wilderness. And if you want to enter the wilderness you need my permission. The wilderness is an enormously vast area in which we humans have no control. I't our long - lost homelands. But because beasts, orcs and everyone's nemesis - the Behemoths made it their dwelling, the wilderness has become a deadly place. Only fully equipped warriors are allowed to enter, and i'm responsible for their lives. Collecting materials is a basci survival skill for rangers. The wilderness doesn't just contain iron ore, but it also has a variety of plants, honey, treasures and more. You'll have to uncover them yourself in the time to come. I hope you will be able to master the art of collecting mining minerals. With these materials you will be able to forge enhanced equipment, which will strengthen you in various ways. Of course, the wilderness is filled with all kinds of creatures, even the fearul behemoths. Hunt that group of Herbivox - you will get various material drops while hunting beasts.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: some body parts on a behemoth (horn, front leg, tail) can be destroyed. Destroy a body part will knock the behemoth down, and grants player bonus materials. Crippling the various body parts of a behemoth is essential when it comes to hunting them. Go ahead, cripple its left front leg. But don't be careless just because you cut off a limb. They'll use the ether energy within their bodies to grow a new one. Cutting off a limb will hinder a behemoth from flying or charging, but they can still be dagerous. You need to destroy them completely. Tutorial Rangers of Oblivion (wiki): activate your true sight, and observe the behemoth's health and body status. Darker shos the damage si more severe. Secret Rangers of Oblivion hack how and where enter
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