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The deck is divided into main slots and sub slots. Only units and tactics can be arranged in regular slots. Card in regular main slots can use special skills. The card has the required cost to use. When you organize cards, you must consider the cost. The average cost usage of card in the deck is shown bottom. Drag the hero to the slot you want to arrange.
Each deck will consume one card when entering a battle. When the hold count reaches zero, the card automatically changes to a prototype. Only building cards can be organized in building slots. The building organized in the main building slot will be used as the main building.
You can store three regular decks and one emoticon deck in the storage slot. Among the three deck storage slots, the regular deck storage slot which you have checked lastly is used in battle. Emoticons can be used in PvP by arranging emoticons in the emoticon deck.

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If you do not open the box, it will accumulate up to 3 (3 days).
Daily missions are provided daily, weekly missions are provided weekly. Achievement is a mission that cna only be achieved once per account. Touch mission rewards to learn more about it.
If you beat someone with higher PvP point than you, win more PvP point. On other hand, if you lose to someone with less PvP point, you will lose more PvP scores. When the PvP point reaches a certain interval, the next chapter will open, and the number of cards you can acquire increases. Card that can be acquired for each chapter can be checked with the acquisitionable card button. When the PvP point reaches a certain interval, the reward is activated and you can receive that reward. Each reward can only be obtained once.

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Event stores are a collection of temporarily sold event products. Card stores offer different types of cards that are sold on a daily basis. Selection box are where you can purchase boxes that offer items at random. You can view ads and open the box for free. Free items are automatically picked up in the center, while the items on the left and right can be purchased as gems.
In the drawing, you can see all the cards in the game. When checking the card in the collection, changing the display method makes checking the card easier. In order to activate the cards, you must collect the cores. Collecting data chips increases hero experience. Upgrading the card increases your level and ability. Resurrection Girl cheats

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