Characters Tier list - Resurrection Girl (elements, skills).

Normal characters: Sasha - swings a sword to attack an enemy on the ground. It is the first unit to be built and has stable defensive and striking power.
Lili - when moving for a certain period of time, charging mode activates and deals double damage on the next attack.
Winslet - swings a sword to attack the enemy with a melee attack. It has strong basic striking power and a fast moving speed.
Stella - move past the enemy to the enemy's building and attack only the buildings. It is slow but strong enough to prevent the enemy's attacks.
Tracey - stable and long range attacking, uses dual pistols to attack enemies on the ground and in the air.
Caroline - swings a sword to attack multiple enemies at once. She is able to wield a huge sword freely because she has been training steadily to be strong.

Resurrection Girl codes
EMP - tactic that causes a small amount of damage to the enemy in range and stuns them for 1 second.

Author: Solarios