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Once upon a time, in a far off land. A land filled with heroes and their teams of monsters. I’m Handi, one of the many monsters you will encounter, and i will be your guide through various portions of the game. Navigate the map by tapping on various points of interest. Try moving by tapping on the chest on the left. Chests usually contain rewards, so it’s almost always a good idea to pick them up. Now try tapping on the single sword icon to the right and let’s start your first battle.

Soulite Monsters hack

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On the left side of your screen is Fiona, one of our many heroes, and she needs your help investigating what is going on with her village. With her is Fang, her faithful companion and is a very powerful monster. Together, they make a team. Fiona, and other heroes like her, provide bonuses to the monsters on their teams. They do not actively participate in combat. Her companion, Fang, and others are better suited for that.
Different heroes have different abilities and bonuses that they provide their teams. It’s in your best interest to expand your roster of heroes and monsters to make the best temas possible.

Soulite Monsters cheats, hack codes

Observe how Fiona and Fnag demolish the opposing team of monsters invading the village. Heroes provide your monsters with various bonuses and effects. Select a hero that you would like to join your team. For more information, press and hold down your finger on the character’s portrait until their information shows up. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to obtain the other heroes later.
Marcus: increases health of equipped monsters and each time they deal magic damage that is non critical their magical damage critical chance is increased.
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Engaging in combat is an automated process. I will point to a few things on screen that will help you out. The larger bars at the top of the screen indicate the health of that group. 3 large bars mean you have 3 groups on that side. You only have Fiona’s group for now so only a single large bar is displayed. A group becomes inactive if its health becomes fully depleted. Adjacent to the health bar is the action time bar. THis shows how soon before this group takes its turn in combat. When the action time bar fills up, its group performs all its actions. In the bottom left area, the abilities being performed by the active group will appear. If you’re curious as to what some icons mean, tap the button on the lower right.

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Loadout - you can change your party composition here. Just drag and drop the heroes and monsters that you wish to use. Keep in mond the bonuses and limitations of various heroes. zvvDTU - supply box
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