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Star Trek Fleet Command cheat world: thank goodness you're here! I'm out here in contested space and hang on. You're not part of the federation! And you're not klingon or Romulan either. Well, whoever you are, we need your help. I'm picking up a distress call from a nearby colony. We're going to have to take your ship for a look, commander. Nausicaan vessel, cease your bombardment of this colony, or we will open fire. Commander, we can't let that ship attack the colonists. Red alert, attack them.

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The federation, klingons and romulans are engaging in open conflict. If you keep growing, everyone will want to recruit you to join their faction. I hope that when the time comes, you'll choose the right side.
We need resources to get up an running again. Parsteel's the most basic you'll need for the Station. Help me build the Parsteel generator. Tap on free area to show what can be built here. Timers under 5 minutes are free. Collect the parsteel from that generator every once in a while, and you can build everything needed to make this station powerful. That our parsteel is flowing, we need a place to store it. Build the Parsteel warehouse.

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The operations building is the core of the station. The more powerful it is, the more powwerful you and your ships are. Tap on the operations building to view its upgrades. Upgrading the operations building will unlock new areas and allow the station to grow in strength. It's a dangerous galaxy, but there's strength in numbers. Find other independents out there to join an alliance with. The more friends you have out here in the void, the better. And the more resources we have, the faster this place will be purring along nicely. Build another Parsteel generator to help with that.

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Attack the hostile ships you see flying around the star system for loot! They'd rob blind and deserve no better. Take what you can get. Keep on improving your ships and the station! If you don't, you'll find your rivals outpacing you. Stay ahead by being prepared. And last, but not least. Space is big! There are loads of people looking fot your help. Accept missions from as many planets as you can find. The rewards will be worth it. Now, my independednt firend. I'm leaving the station and Maia in your capable hands. Make me proud.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: complete federation events or missions of early grade 2 space to acquire blueprints to unlock ship. Upgrade the parsteel generators to produce more parsteel, and alloy with immense tensile strength. It is primarily used to build up the station. Description: construct a fortified starbase, customize and upgrade your ships' crews. Construct ships from every star trek faction. Recruit iconic star trek crew members. Engage in epic fleet battles.

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