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Control your robot, the unit shoots automatically if there is a target. Use abilities, some abilities require a target. Dash speeds you up in the direction of movement. Tap on the robot icons of allies or enemies at the top of the screen to see info about them. Icons: ability, shot, speed up. Ability - most effective at long range. Use 2 shots on a single target. Tap on the score to see team participants. Kill opponents to gain 3500 points and win. Killstreaks earn more points.
Hint: Crate icon - here you can collect you reward for acquired rating. Starter trophy road - increase your rating to unlock rewards and reach new leagues! Total rating is the combined total of all your robots' individual rating and bonus rating. Get 30 rating points to unlock friends and team battles. Complete all daily quests and get an extra rewards.
Tips: you deal increased damage when delivering a hit from behind. Focus will help your team concentrate its fire on one target for greater efficiency.
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