Characters Tier list - Star Robots (abilities, tokens).

Vityaz - power 3420. Damage doesn't depend on range. Blocks enemies' abilities. Autogun - 533, armor - 8000. Electroshot - deals 2000 damage to a target. Can be used only when a target is within range. Cooldown 5 seconds. Bonus armor module: electroshot gives a temporary effect which increases maximum armor. Damage increase module: the temporary effect of electroshot also increases autogun damage.
Robot Glue - power 3940. More effective at long range. Slows down the enemy. Autogun: 500-600. Armor - 9500.
Grim reaper - power 4190. More effective at close range. Creates a zone that damages enemies. Autogun - 128-628, armor - 10500.
Berserk - power 4300. Damage doesn't depend on range. Deals continuous damage in fron tof it with the flamethrower. Autogun - 480, armor - 12000. Flamethrower - deals 15% damage per second in front of Berserk for 7 seconds. Can affect multiple enemies. Cooldown 30 seconds. Protection increase module - while flamethrower is active, berserk receives reduced damage. Recharge module - flamethrower additionally recharges when inflicting damage. Bonus damage module - flamethrower also applies damage over time effects.
Speedfire - power 3450. Damage doesn't depend on range. Temporarily increases fire rate. Mass damage module - rocket shot also deals 1300 damage to enemies near the target.
Suppressor - power 3220. More effective at close range. Decreases nearby enemies' damage. Autogun 160-800, armor - 12000.
Star Robots

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