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Free hack The Last Slain cheats code list - gold, skill points, evolve, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. The Last Slain cheat world: critically wounded by the barave seven, the tyrant gulamir fails to rule the world. For over 30 years, Gulamir recovers himself using the elemental power. To let the world know he's back, Gulamir demolishes Rida, town of Slain tribe, for it's the hometown of john the battler, who has given him the deepest wound.

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But, soon his condition gets worsened, so he flies to crystal crown for a rest. John the battler hurries back to his town, and finds the only survivor. John adopts him aa a son and trains him to become a warrior of slain tribe, as well as to plan for the revenge while keeping an eye on crystal crown.

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Press and reserve the active skill that did not satisfy the conditions for now, so it will be activated as soon as the conditions are satisfied. It'll be very useful for you. Touch the enemy on the screen to change the target. Ultimate skill is available as soons as the gauge is full.

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Prepare for the battle by checking on the enemy information. As you learn style info and new skills, the style level will be increased. Also, when the character growns, the new style will be unlocked. You can touch the portrait to go to the character info window. Leader buff - increases the team's max life by 10%. You can change the leader to choose the leader's effect you want.

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