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Cheat 112 Operator hack android, ios code

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Hack 112 Operator: cheat List
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unlock new city - dMm7PAMLV
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premium gear - Op6NAFMSb
unlock all stages - u6GZjdYhW
Month Card x1 code - tq92Bhj9y
upgrade cheat - PMpp7Xbo0
daily gift bag x10 - pNsHix9Px
secret combination - tD6uBoBzw
level up - ohR9vhv5V
dogs - qsCC1EMOc
robots - 3pYmvs58d
empty slots - NSXYd9DzV
special reward - G8luME8lk
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Your probation period is due to end on Monday. I am pleased to confirm your ongoing employment effective. The terms and conditions of employment set in your original contract will continue to apply to your ongoing position. End of probation period is connected to some changes. From new, more districts are assigned to your management. Also, new vehicles and gears are available.
Statistic - this panel allows you to check the global statistics. Reaching a certain value might be required to complete an objective or an achievement. if you want to check a region statistics, go to the districts panel.
112 Operator Hack Basics
You are now in management mode. Here you can modify your units, check your objectives, messages and statistics. Tap the icons above to go to specific panel.
Work inbox - check it regularly to receive important information about incoming events, changes, other news.
The weather strongly impact the types of incidents that appear during the duty. Moreover, bad weather can immobilise some of your units, and strong wind can spread the fires. Make sure to check the weather forecast.
Districts - this panel allows you to manage the districts that have been assigned to you. Check the district characteristics to learn what to expect and assign adequate units.
Hint & Tips
1. Use headphones or speakers to improve your experience. Listening to voice over dialogues and the background sounds helps you to resolve cases more efficiently.
2. Objectives - here you can check the objectives currently assigned to you. Complete them to receive awards and eventually, get promoted.
3. It's a good practice to disperse your units throughout the city before the duty starts. make sure that each part is covered. You never know when and where an incident is going to appear.
4. If you have some free time. You can speed up the game by selecting the speed you want. Press and hold the icon in the top right corner to display the speed menu.
5. When a unit arrives on the scene, the actual situation overview becomes available. The team members will do their job on their own, the best they can. You can press and hold any element to see additional info.
One of the other call takers has reported an incident. Let's take care of it - tap on the new incident icon to centralise the screen, than press and hold on the incident. The info panel will show all we know about the incident. Read it carefully to learn who you have to send. Be aware that you are going to get reputation points for every solved incident, and get a penalty for every incident that you fall to resolve. Each icon represents a different unit. You can dispatch them to any place or an incident using the single tap or drag and drop.
When you finish a call, you should decide whom to send, just as with every incident. Alternatively, you can decide to ignore the incident if you think there is no need to an intervention. You can also enter some notes for yourself and choose the appropriate icon if you like, just as other calltakers do.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date13 October 2020
Last Modified13 October 2020
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