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M1l95H - diamonds
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200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse Game story: in year has been 2 years since Zombie apocalypse broke out. I stayed hidden, believing that this was the best way to stay alive. It didn’t take long before i realized that i was wrong. Since losing my family and friends 2 years ago, i have been roaming around this area for a safe shelter. It seems like it’s not over yet. I have cheat codes!

200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse hack

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Controls: tap screen to attack zombies. Enemies will attack you when barricade is breached. Barricade health points is displayed on the right. Tap screen fast to fill James’ rage gauge. Rage mode will boost damage. Tap gold scattered on the ground for extra +20% gold. You’ll need gold coins to buy various upgrades. Ok, it’s time to upgrade James with gold! Tap “?” icon for more detailed information.

200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse cheats, hack codes

You defeated boss zombie? Collect its gold and check inventory menu. Why not recruit a Mate? if you don’t have one yet, recruit Tom. Research menu is accessible now. This is where you buy various installations, supports an upgrades. Use cheat code s1cfvp - you got free diamonds. Try activating double time by tapping the button in the top right corner. Accelerate game speed by twofold. Each time you use this, 150 additional second is added. Maximum limit is about 25 minutes.
200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse wiki
Always check quest menu. You can get free diamonds for completing various achievements. Tap button in the top of the screen to check support upgrades. Gold booster hack - YofkXD: doubles the amount of gold coins for each zombie defeated for 100 seconds. Obtains gold for defeating boss and completing expeditions. The amount of gold earned for each stage may vary.

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1 5NCTe7 upgrade
2 2zBdZd level up
3 afrrRJ coupon
4 X3C9W1 promo code
5 MzOqzq gift box
6 AOhM14 gold coins
7 33JDIU month card
8 T4wDAv premium pack
9 pxKNTk vip ticket

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