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Free hack 3Kindom cheats code list - reinforcement, star up, gold, promo ticket, recruit, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. 3Kindom cheat world: my lord, i’ve been waiting for you for ages. Cities including Lyoyang has all been taken, but we have held Chang An. We can rebuild all from Fief. Buildings are castle’s foundation, let’s build together. Let me show you resource buildings. Copper mine provides copper to increase tech level and upgrade heroes.

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Farm produces food to recruit soldiers, level up buildings and consumed in set off. Sawmill produces wood, use to recruit soldiers and upgrade buildings. Build Fief the base of your country, don’t forget! You cannot form an army without a hero. Recruit or hack a hero and complete your army. Normal recruit consumes items. Mid summon and high have a chance to get heroes. Mid recruit each 12 hours free once, high recruit can receive extra hero pieces.

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Deploys slots unlocked based on lord level, can deploys at maximum 10 heroes. Characters have different power, higher quality, higher power, don’t forget. Next, open campaign to see how to battle. Virtual reinforcement use all recruited soldiers, even when soldiers died in battlefield or not reincarnate, soldiers will not decrease.

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General skill need to meet requirement to trigger, most of the time is related to general’s attribute. For example, General Mo is agile general, the higher AGI, skill release rate will be higher. Clear stage to get character experience and hero EXP, dead soldier will be revived all upon ended, not affect real force. If you do not want to view battle, tap skip to view immediately battle result.

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