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Balmor federation command aria canyon traces of citadel were found. It was decided that it was destroyed by Ohanmar the captain of the 4th corps and the spearhead of Al-rahu. During the 1000 year war called Dark war. Balmor Federation dispatched the expedition force back to 182 A.T. Balmor castle. Just before the dark war using spacetime portal.

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The enemies are swarming in. Try using skills to defeat as many enemies as possible. If you do not use your skills, the Overforce gauge will replenish. In the green area, damage equal to normal skill damage will be applied. Light green color gives more damage than the normal skill damage. Full gauge gives x2 damage. You can level up at the speed of light if you use code jokdKe - level up package. It’s time to explore, please move to the explore ready screen.

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1. kndgjc - level up
2. 5LH46k - voucher
3. O4gWaA - shard
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Now lets learn about the types of stages. There are 3 types of stages in a chapter. There is one xp stage and one gold stage in each chapter. First is the normal stage - it covers most of the journey, with no special characteristics. XP stage - you can acquire more experience than the normal stage. You must clear the previous stage before you can only select and enter the following stage.
let learn about the ready screen. If you use the boost, you can acquire more rewards after completing it. The time it took to clear the stage will decide the number of stars and multiplier.
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Actions are used for explore. Each action replenishes every 4 minutes .If you need more actions, then you can get them at the store. Auto repeat function will repeat the same stage over and over again automatically. If you use pass code, you can instantly acquire the stage rewards. Pass can only be used in 3 stars acquired stages. Characters tier list: Buster - giant weapon: strong damage and HP. slow speed and low accuracy. Saber - chain sword:swift and accurate attack high defense and HP. Blade - long sword: balanced ability and grab avoid passive skill.

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At the area battle level section, the difficulty level of the selected floor will be displayed. Tap on the next floor button to select the next enterable highest floor. Now this time, we’ll learn more about enhancing gears, codes, hack cheats. Please enhance your gear according to the instructions. Now please select the gear materials to sacrifice on your gear. Tap the material that appears on the screen. Enhancement has a maximum of 20 levels. Once it reaches the level, the gear can be upgraded or fused to reach a higher grade to improve on the performance. Gold is used when you enhance. Register to a guild and receive gear enhance benefits. You can choose up to 10 items as material. Keep up the good work and you will once day have a magnificient gear before you know it. 41zoaI - pass
ACdpPn - soul stone
3gSuEX - keys
yUSIY1 - actions
Hack sY4sBx - artifacts
Cheat sY4sBx - growth funds
V1NuNs - elite ticket. e0HI9l - exchange code how and where enter
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