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There, hero. I’ve wound your time backward again. To pay your knights, you’ll have to start making money again. First, why don’t you visit the city? You can easily find a job there. As, and just so you know, my name and yours are written in the dialogue window. Tap the city menu below. Get a job in the city, and you can get gold every 5 seconds. I’ve got you your first job. Please work hard, so your wage will increase.

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Level up - tap the button and level up your job. You’ve obligated to pay your taxes. Let me open your piggy bank: charged once every 10 min. Gold production 80 times for each use (can be saved up to 15 times). 15 count until level 15, and then max +1 with every new level (up to +30). Tap the knight age menu below - this is where your precious knights are resting. here, you can manage them.

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In Knight age, you can use level-up to strengthen your knights until rebirth. Upgrade to make their powers persist through rebirth, and rank up to further improve your knights with their soulstones.
In summon, you can summon the spirits of various knights. If you like them, you can recruit them by using diamonds, hack tools, cheat codes, medals, which you can find through rebirth. Let me give you a reward: a 5-star knight! I’ve sent it to your inbox. Please check and recruit the knight.
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The inbox is where your item rewards from quests and event arrive. Oh, right - you can perform rebirth anytime after stage 50 and get medals and cores. You should take advantage of it as often as you can. You say, that, but you love rewards, don’t you? Here are the diamonds made of god’s tears. Please use them wisely.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Medals can be obtained through rebirth.
  • Attacks are divided into physical and magic attacks.
  • Only knights' upgrade levels (and not their gold levels) are applied in dungeons, duel, and evil lord.
    Increasing a God's level (Netherworld King, Valkyrie, etc) increases attack and HP for the knights of the corresponding continent.
    Recruit characters in the summon and add them to your party.
  • Rebirth system enables you to get valuable resources called medals and cores. The more floors you climb, the more medals and cores you'll get.

60 Second Hero Idle tips
Hack cheats tutorial 60 Second Hero Idle(wiki):
  • Medals are used for recruiting new knights in the summon menu. They're also used for upgrading them, so they'll remain strong even after rebirth.
  • Cores are used for leveling up the gods who enter your body to help you fight.
  • Resetting knights upgrade levels is free until level 199.
  • Want more gold? Then, increase your city to the next level!
  • When upgrade level exceeds gold level, passive skill effects become doubly powerful.
  • Relic pieces can be found in evillord mode.
  • 5 star or higher equipment and relics take effect, even if they are not equipped.
  • Honor coins can be obtained through PvP mode

60 Second Hero Idle tutorial

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There’s a tiny bit of a setback. because your time is wound backward, your knight’s levels, your Gold, and your job in the city will be reset. Rebirth resets your Gold (except the amounts in Piggy banks), city, and knightage’s level, but retains your heroes’ equipment, Gods’ relics, and knights’ upgrade levels and rank-up information.
In the shop > premium menu, you can buy various permanent passive effects at the cost of diamonds.
You can get honor coins through evil lord and PvP battle modes. To get the knights you don’t have yet, collect 30 5-star soulstones and 20 4-star soulstones.
60 Second Hero Idle tips to repair

Even if you log out, you can continue to progress through the game and get piggy banks. Has the game become too difficult? Perform rebirth and get medals to strengthen your soldiers. Join a guild, and you can enjoy various benefits guild shop, guild buffs, and guild chat, just to name a few! Helms increase critical rate for characters and Gods.
Dungeon: here, you can find the materials you need to buy equipment. Dungeons have continent restrictions. YOu must check them before you enter them. Your dungeon level increases, depending on the dungeon difficulty level you have opened. The higher your dungeon level, the better the hero equipment you can buy. how and where enter
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