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2055, the year when the world population exceed 10 billion. That year, under the first full moon of the first month, the day when negative energy is the strongest throughout the year... Zombie virus started to devour the world all of a sudden. 2.9 billion people died over only a year after that, and 0.1 billion people barely survived or got severe disabilities. And the other 7 billion people... They all became zombies. Among the 0.1 billion survivors, 0.001% of them showed a special immune reaction to the virus. They got superpowers unfit to be called humane. After going through training programs, they started to slay zombies with the World Union's army. Some exceptionals among them gathered themselves and created a secret organization to eradicate zombies from the Earth without being affiliated to any army. And that is Blood Angels. The organization you get to take charge of, Commander. Please... Save the world.

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