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Warrior continent – a world where the god of war is widely worshiped. There are kingdoms: holy see, elves and behemoth. Under the ground is the dwelling for devils. For Tyr the god of war's holy sword, conflict between the surface and the devil world never ends. At the end of the holy light empire, the battle of the ending chronicle broke out. The flames of self immolation destroyed the holy light empire. For the next 500 years, the sword was lost and the continent never reunited. Now, one young hero shall summon Tyre's legendary sword.

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Card master – mid row tech mage, decreases enemies magical attack power and magical defense. This is card master, the hero mentro on the warrior continent. Mystery cave is home to some very powerful physical heroes. Bolt gunner – super strong physical group attacker. It is said that every tower has a dark form. Be careful if you change upon one. The more you upgrade your skills, the more damage you'll deal. Enhance equipment to greatly increase its abilities. Wearing a full set of equipment is key to surviving in battle. When under attack, our troops will gain rage to release ultimate skills. When a red dot appars, your hero is ready for enhancing.

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Click the character avatar to release an unltimate skills if rage is full. Clear stage with 3 tars to unlock blitz function. If you add a new member, your battle rating will greatly increase. Don't forget to check in every day for exciting rewards. Complete achievement quests to obtain hero soul. Obtain enough soul and you'll be able to summon the corresponding hero. Clear the current stage to unlock new stages. Open the hero panel and upgrade heroes. The higher the potion's quality, the more experience you'll get.

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1. 91No6tUYM2 – paladin stone
2. GvpuljXlsN - elexir
3. 0VszKWxhmH – unlimited vitality energy
4. pL252bB9lC - diamonds
5. DopfNVt7ax – gold coins
6. z6GzPCnQpl – level up
7. OkNbzC5rNU - souls
8. SjXFPNNrAV – skill points

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