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Game Story
Ahead lies two chests. Open them to browse their contents. Drag items from the chest to your inventory to claim them. Open your inventory and navigate your cursor to a weapon. From here, you can equip a gear. You can equip hundreds of different weapons found in this world, and dual wield 1-handed weapons too. Find a fighting style that works for you.
Ahead lurks a 'scary rat'. Tilt and hold the right stick in any direction to attack. make sure you keep moving, and keep attacking until the fiend is defeated. Slaying the scary rat has rewarded you with experience points, and you have leveled up. Access the player menu and select attributes to allocate your new attribute points.
9th Dawn III Hack Basics
Ahead lies some recovery items in a chest. Always try to stay stocked up on health items to have a safe adventure. Try binding them to your hotbar, by navigating to them in your inventory and then pressing the relevant bind button. Some minor objects can be destroyed, try hitting these barrels with your weapon. Breaking objects may not be very fruitful, but perhaps you can sometimes clear a path by destroying them.
A blood spawn - use this to bind your soul to the blood that forever runs. Should you perish, you may be torn from the claws of death and be re-spawned here.
Upon death, you will lose some experience point - death is best avoided. Blood spawns exist all over the world, be sure to use them wisely.
Hint & Tips
1. The world is full of hidden secrets behind locked gates, but there's always a way to open them.
2. Head up the stairs to the right. You can escape this sewer by pressing the interaction button near the stairs.
3. Ability coin's are scattered throughout the world. Collecting them will allow you to spend them on new abilities. Finding ability coins will also contribute towards the completion rate of a dungeon. Completing a dungeon to 100% may grant you with additional rewards.
4. Using the abilities menu, you can unlock different spells and abilities. You can navigate to other pages to view more unlockable spells and abilities.
5. THis will be my final note. There are many features and secrets within this world. I implore you to explore and experience your own adventure. Talk to everyone, for they may help you find what you are looking for. Search everything, be curious, and become your own legend.
Strength - increases your physical attack damage with most melee weapons and contributes to a small amount of maximum health. Allows you to equip higher level large melee weapons.
Dexterity - increases your physical attack damage with daggers, bows and crossbows, increases movement speed, and governs the stealth ability. Allows you to equip higher level daggers, bows and crossbows. Endurance - largely increase your maximum health and maximum stamina. Intelligence - increases your magical attack damage and restoration spell potency. Also increases effectiveness of crafting.
Start by selecting 9 cards from your storage, and these will be used for your game. When it is your turn, select one of your cards and then choose a centre slot to place it on. If you place a card next to, or ontop of an opponent card, they will enter battle.
During a card battle, the stat number in the corresponding direction is used. If the newly placed card has a greater than or equal to value as the opponent card, the newly placed card will win.
The goal of the game is to capture as many of the opponents cards as possible. You can achieve this by placing cards next to, or on top of other cards. Be careful, some cards have elemental advantages agains others. It helps to have a variety of elemental cards in your deck.
You can see how many cards you have captured by looking at the colour of the card, and by referring to the score number on the left. You or your opponent can capture multiple cards each turn, so be careful. It's best to just give it a try, and practise to see which tactics work for you. Remember to battle everyone and collect all the shiny cards.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date12 October 2020
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