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Thier kingdom in here, with their courage. Intellgence they create outstandingciviliazation, but peace is interapute one day. The evil demons from outer world invade this peaceful land, they bring darkness and fire killing. Then the war begin everyone on this land. The innocent lifes to fight against the evils, at last they win...
In the fortress repel the attack of Ancient Dragon, Arthur settled in a small village. Although villagers are very kind, but the devil's words have been plaguing Arthur. Now, the fate of the wheel once again began to rotate.....

Welcome game Brave Fighter 2! Although you are new, but now the situation is critical, you have to support the front. Would you come with me, I want to set up the mercenary group, have you join the mercenary group, even strated! Let's go to tht mercenary badge. Add teammates need reputation. Mercenary reputation shows down the left hand side. When group level up, reputation will increase.
Arthur – the wandering adventurer, rescued the town attacked by demon, lived in the nearby town. Vancleef – the thief, after being rescued Arthur, he built the mercenary group with Arthur.

Secrets cheat gameplay Brave Fighter 2 android codes: each mercenary has its won corresponding equipment. Lelvel list – here can see the information of levels. Tap star button to begin. Role in the plot has more powerful skills, to collect them all. Vancleef special passive skills can increase in levels of pick up to the number of gold. Fear effects will greatly reduce the damage of the targets, let it attack like a mosquito bite.

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